Retail Stores

Our products are featured in over 75 stores throughout the United States.  Many of our stores are small gift shops, but we also cater to the needs of large National chains.  

Corporate Gifts

Our vases are a popular Corporate Gift, complete with a description card and glass insert.  Each piece is hand signed by the artist.

Listed in Top 10 Colorado Sourced Gift Ideas

.....they each have amazing talent turning wood...... Polished and finely finished vases are created by Don Noble of Original Aspen Studio. Both artists sell through small retail outlets, usually at local tourist locations such as Garden of the Gods or Manitou Springs. Their work is very popular and easy to find in the Colorado Springs area."

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The quaking aspen tree is a pioneer species that can quickly colonize areas recently cleared areas. The trees develop root suckers which emerge from the soil around the base of the trunk. These suckers can grow into new trees, forming a stand of closely growing aspens.

Ancient Greeks were wearing crowns made of leaves of aspen because they believed that aspen possesses magical properties. Also, Greek warriors used wood of aspen to manufacture shields.

The largest living organism is an Aspen Grove!

Utah is home to the largest living organism on Earth, Pando, a huge grove of aspen clones that spans 106 acres in Central Utah, near Fish Lake.